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I firmly believe in video analysis an using video to enhance and improve triathlon training.

We run the YouTube channel SwimCycleRunCoach which you can subscribe to - and you'll get natural updates whenever we upload a video. However we've compiled various play-lists that drill down into specialist areas of interest that might make your search for answers a little easier.


My Thoughts on Training Racing and Life in General

Our aim is quite simply to give you some answers to help you train and race at your best, but as a YouTube channel we have made certain decisions about the videos we will upload.

We used to upload all and any video we took and although uploading most of the videos we shot was interesting we decided that this didn't give you the best possible help. To be of maximum help we now only upload videos where we also provide a commentary. That way we do the analysis and explain exactly why a video should be useful. Hopefully you'll feel that the effort has been worth it, but it does mean we don't just upload masses of little snippets of stroke or running styles for you interpret yourself.

The Friday Morning Triathlon squad swims at the Venue at 5:30 till 7:00 and is available to club and non-club members. It's probably one of the most cost effective investments any triathlete can make in their training programme.

If you want to come along there's no long term commitment you can simply show up and swim. If you want to make a commitment you can pay for a number of sessions at a time but can use your payment in non-consecutive weeks.

"It's an effective fully coached session at only £5 with no long term commitment."
Friday Morning Triathlon Squad

Running and Run Drill Videos

For those looking to improve their running through drills here's a channel just for you.

Some of the tools use are very easy to replicate even if you haven't got exactly the same tool yourself. Hurdles are simply something to jump over - that won't break if you happen to mis time and kick them. A pile of books does exactly the same job without the expense of buying specialist kit etc. Product Demos


If you want to find out about any of our products then you're in at right play-list. From our Swim Wand underwater coaches camera to Shield nipple, wet suit rub and blister protector you'll find demo videos right here.