Swimming is the most technical of all the disciplines we coach, partly because to move through water, which is 1500 times thicker than air, takes a good deal of skill but also because there are 4 competitive strokes all with their own set of rules.

The most efficient stroke is front crawl and the majority of recreational swimmers should aim to perform this particular stroke well as it's the fastest and most efficient of the four and will enable you to get very good fitness benefits from your swimming sessions pretty quickly. 

The competitive strokes are as follows: ....


Triathlon Specific Swimming

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Stops Blisters & Rubbing

Don't leave anything to chance on race day

This is the best lube you can use on wet suits to stop chaffing and ease removal and it's also the best lube to stop Nipple Rub.

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Goggle Fog

Never Suffer From Fogged Up Goggles Again.

In training gogles that fog up are an annoyance, in a race it can prove to be a disaster. Don't leave it to chance ... 

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Personal Training

1-2-1 Swim, Cycle or Run Sessions with Wayne

You'll see immediate improvements when you get 100% attention and your form is filmed, analysed and we suggest drills and practices that will improve your racing.

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