The Multi Sport Challenge

Anyone can complete a marathon, triathlon or even ultra cycle or run event. Train for a suitably long distance, add in some open water sessions, practice the bike to run transition to get the feeling of what it's like to go from from cycling to running - and you'll get through.

But what if you want to "Know" you can complete it comfortably or want to get the very best out of yourself?

That's where Swimming Cycling comes in. On this site you'll find what you need in swimming, cycling, running and open water swimming to hit your target at any Multi-Sport or Long Distance Endurance Event.

FREE Coaching Offer Closed - But You Can Still Get the Course.

Unfortunately, the free coaching offer is now closed. However, it is available as a TraininPeaks Training Plan, together with the complete video back up.

Aimed at the "Nervous Triathlete" and with 3 sessions per week this training course will be ideal praparation for any triathlon, open water swim or just for improving your swimming, plus I will be supporting you with YouTube videos fully explaining the drills and focus of each session with weekly updates. (Don't worry - if you can't do 3 simply extend the plan)

You can get all of this with a FREE TrainingPeaks account.
Just click Here to Access the Full Course and all the Resources.


We cover all all strokes and most aspects of swimming on the site. Tips for getting the maximum speed from each stroke and your turns. We also have a triathlon specific swim section - helpful hints for open water and ....

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The second discipline in triathlon is often the least coached. However, you need to train well in all the disciplines to get the most from your triathlon experience. This is also the sport where technology can make ....

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"60% of runners are injured all the time." ... so don't become a statistic. There isn't simply just one way to run but you can reduce your risk of injury by following some basic rules and training using a well constructed ....

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Training camps

Come training in the Cape Verde Islands - where the weather is in the 24C to 30C all year round and ocean temps are in the 20's. Roads are virtually traffic free and the locals are friendly and welcoming.

In a special triathlon training camp we assess your weaknesses and your fitness gets a real boost from consistent training in good weather.

It can be fun for the whole family too...
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 What They Said....

"Many, many thanks for a quite unbelievable outstanding venue (quite beautiful, friendly and warm ++); magnificent coaching (attentive, detailed, focused + challenging), and thoughtful guidance (around the island, restaurants & community). We have all really enjoyed every moment. Thanks also to Shelley & Lauren for their patience & company.

Sally & Joe

Personal Training

1-2-1 Swim, Cycle or Run Sessions with Wayne

You'll see immediate improvements when you get 100% attention and your form is filmed, analysed and we suggest drills and practices that will improve your racing.

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The Swim Wand

The perfect tool for Swim and Triathlon Coaches.

Deliver instant feedback to your athletes in all sports:

  • In the Pool
  • Above the pool
  • At the track
  • On the move

 Don't leave coaching to chance ... 

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Planning for Success

Making a Plan

Whether you want to qualify for the world championships or simply finish a race planning your way to meet that goal makes success more likely. We can help you plan to successfully achieve your goals ...

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Home of the Swim Wand

The most versatile underwater coaches video camera.

and at Only £449
it's within every serious coaches reach read more