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  • Swim Wand

    Swim Wand




    The Swim Wand is very simple to use and gives excellent results in most light conditions. 

    The wand itself extends to 1.7m in height, allowing you to get under swimmers in close lanes to film swimmers in lanes 2, 3 and 4. The length also allows you to film above a swimmer, following them down the pool in lane 1, getting a unique perspective of the swimmer below.

    1. It's possible to Stream directly to an iPad, Android device, PC or Laptop for instant high quality video analysis.
    2. Be used as a sports or helmet cam.
    3. Record at 60 frames per second to allow you to analyse a runner or swimmers form accurately.
    4. Full 1080p recording giving you large clear images. 
    5. In 720p and WVGA resolutions you can zoom in across the pool or track. 
    6. Playback in front of a swimmer by advancing the video frame by frame to show exactly what you mean without leaving the poolside.
    Once you have a clip you have lots of options;

    Show the video on the internal screen

    Stream the video to an iPad or android device

    Transfer the video from the memory card

    Connect the unit to a computer using a USB connection.