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  • Butt Sheild

    Butt Sheild




    2 Toms Butt Sheild is so good at protecting your nether regions that they give a Money Back satisfaction guarantee.

    It is a silicon lubricant and can be applied directly to your skin or cycle short insert using the roll on applicator. Once applied they create a friction free layer that protects you against all forms of chaffing and really do eliminate wet suit rub or nipple soreness - and blistering on the bottom, sides or even top of your feet.

    Unlike other available lubricants they really work and are only removed when you wash them with soap. That means they don't lose their lubrication properties while you're active, in the water.

    They are also perfectly safe on Neoprene and Cycle Chamois, so you can apply them directly to your gear with no worries about degrading their effectiveness over time.