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  • BlisterShield





    The perfect answer to blistering from the constant rubbing during sports or work activities.

    If I were a gardener I think I would always keep some Blister Shield handy to put in my gloves. Not being used to a working with my hands I always get blisters if I do any extended digging or hoeing. I do use Blister Shield though in my socks when I run and sports shoes when I run without socks - in summer or when I'm doing a triathlon. 

    It creates a frictionless barrier between your clothes, shoes, gloves or anything and your skin. Without friction blisters won't be a bother for you. It's easy to use and is simply removed with soap and water.

    In fact, it enhances comfort during:-
    Walking - Running - Yard Work - Breaking in New Shoes - Any "On Your Feet" Activities - Orthotics Use 

    A must for anyone who runs or works where blisters would stop you performing.