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  • Degreaser





    One thing we all forget from time to time is that to race really well not only do "We" have to be in the right shape but so does all of our equipment. Anything that drags us back or makes swimming, cycling or running harder should be eliminated.

    If you've ever seen some of the extended coverage of the Tour de France you'll have seen that the mechanics wash, clean and re-lube the bikes every night. A professional bike rider doesn't ride a dirty bike and that's not just because they're all clean devils. Any dirt ingrained on the chain, brakes or front and rear gear changers means the gears aren't changing as smoothly as they can and the chain isn't running completely smoothly. 

    In the long run that wears your components down sooner than they should but in the short run it means you're working harder than you should to gain the same speed.

    We have a close associatin with and we asked them to search for an environmentally friendly cleaner that's both effective and easy to use. They came up with the Enviro Cleaner that you can use and simply flush away with a completely clear conciance.

    We tried it (take a look at thje video) and you can see below how good the results were. It's reasonably priced too at only £6.50 for 750ml. To order just use the Paypal cart and we'll normally dispatch within 24 hours.