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  • Sports Wash

    Sports Wash




    Sports Detergent Odour Eliminator

    Perfect if you want to treat anything smelly or marked from sweat.

    This detergent is specifically designed to remove all sweat and odours from athletic clothing while restoring the performance of all techno-fibres. It actually treats the problem and doesn't just mask it, eliminating the odours so they don't easily return. 

    • Sports Detergent Odour Eliminator
    • Contains no perfumes or phosphates
    • Will restore your high performance sports fabrics
    • is Completely residue free
    • Removes sweat stains
    and is ideal for
    • Athletic Clothing
    • Outdoor clothing
    • Work gear and overalls
    • Athletic pads
    • Gloves
    • Gear Bags
    It will also work on sweat stained clothing (as long as they are washable).

    .... And the give a money back guarantee if you're not fully satisfied.