FREE Coaching Offer

Ready to start 16th July

Absolutely true, Yes I'm offering completely free coaching through TrainingPeaks for a Triathlon101 swim programme over 8 weeks.

With 3 sessions per week it will be ideal praparation for any triathlon, open water swim or just for improving your swimming, plus I will be supporting you with YouTube videos fully explaining the drills and focus of each session with weekly updates. (Don't worry - if you can't do 3 simply extend the plan)

Just complete the booking form below and I will send you a coaching request from TrainingPeaks - where you can set up a completely free account (I am not being paid by TrainingPeaks in any way). If you have a Smart Watch your sessions will be uploadd automatically if you link the application to TrainingPeaks. Some of the best Smart Watches for swimming are listed right.

To qualify for free coaching all you need is:

  1. Subscribe to the SwimCycleRunCoach YouTube channel using your own YouTube name.
  2. Have a valid email address.
  3. Accept the invitiation for me to be your coach on TrainingPeaks.

The aim is to start the week of the 16th July - so we'll have our first drill explanation videos up a few days before that. The whole system is explained on the video below......

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It's True - It really is free.