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Making it Easy to Follow Swimmers and give Instant Feedback

The new Swim Wand HiDef takes fantastic underwater video, is very simple to use, gives excellent results in most light conditions and is extremely portable.

At 1.7m in height it allows you to get under swimmers in close by lanes so you can film the swimmers in lanes 2, 3 and 4. The length also allows you to film above a swimmer, following them down the pool in lane 1, getting a unique perspective of the swimmer below.

  • Once you have a clip you have lots of options;
  • Show the video on the internal screen
  • Stream the video to an iPad or android device
  • Transfer the video from the memory card
  • Connect the unit to a computer using a USB connection.

The 1.5" Mini HDVR High Definition recorder on the Swim Wand and Swim Wand Hi Def is easy to operate and has a crisp clear display, showing every aspect of the stroke. The tilting and swiveling head of the wand makes it easy to position the screen so that you can always see the picture. The head can be removed in seconds to show a swimmer exactly what you want them to see. You can then explain, what's wrong and how they can correct any fault.

The Wand offers the ultimate in portability, weighing as little as 740g and can be taken anywhere and set up in a couple of minutes. The video from the Swim Wand HD gives the best resolution in 1080p but can produce good 60 fps video in 720p.



Example of Video Analysis for Swimmers