Friday Morning Triathlon Swim Sessions:

Coached by Wayne

These are currently not running - here are past sessions that you can revisit for FREE.


This Weeks Session

This is a mixed week, where you maintain pace - but after we've tired you our a bit with some fast 25m sprints.

For the drills the key is as follows:

CU = Catch Up
SA w PB = Single Arm with Pull Buoy
FD = Finger Drag (Finger Trail)

The main set is a total of 2000m, but only 100m of this is done at a hard pace. With every hard swim comes a recovery, setting you up for another major effort at your hard pace. This type of changing pace starts to get you used to varying your tempo and betters your ability to recover from high end efforts. In open water swimming you start hard, recover and then have to make intermittent efforts around buoys, to get on someones feet or to pass slower moving swimmers.


Videos from the Friday Sessions

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