Friday Morning Triathlon Swim Sessions:

Coached by Wayne

These are currently not running - here are past sessions that you can revisit for FREE.


This Weeks Session

Today we have a 400m time trial to test exactly where you are in terms of speed and fitness.

For the drills the key is as follows:

SA BNSS = Single Arm Breathing to the Non-Stroking Side
SA w KB = Single Arm with Kick Board
FD = Finger Drag (Finger Trail)
P&G = Push & Glide

After the time trial take the 200m recovery, which should allow you to recovery sufficiently to give a good effort on the pacing set.

The pacing is a split 500m done 3 times with a 50m recovery in between. For each swim the first 50m is done hard, practicing your race starts as the season swiftly approaches. Being able to make an effort and then get down to your normal race pace is hugely important, especially in drafting races.


Videos from the Friday Sessions

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