Friday Morning Triathlon Swim Sessions:

Coached by Wayne

These are currently not running - here are past sessions that you can revisit for FREE.


This Weeks Session

This week we're getting used to swimming at a harder pace. However, we start with a good warm up followed by some drills.

KoS AH = Kick on Side Lower Side Arm Ahead on Surface
CH B = Change After Every Breath
FD = Finger Drag
SA BNSS = Single arm breathing to the non-stroking side

Initially you need to test your pace and this is dine swimming a series of 4 x 50m hitting your triathlon race pace (or a little above that pace).

Once you have done that you should be ready to repeat that over split 400m's done over differing split distances. If you do the 4 split 400's with the proscribed rest and with 1 min between each round you should be able to retain that pace on every swim. Check your time on each split and try to adjust your tempo if you are above or below your target time.


Videos from the Friday Sessions

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