Friday Morning Triathlon Swim Sessions:

Coached by Wayne

These are currently not running - here are past sessions that you can revisit for FREE.


This Weeks Session

In this weeks session the aim was to swim faster and test ourselves on short rest split swims.

For the drills the key is as follows:

SA w PB = Single arm with Pull Buoy.
TH = Touch Head - High elbow touch the front of your head lightly but do not salute.

After 600m warming uo, kicking and balancing your stroke plus drills, we head into 2 roounds of sprints, with a recovery in between each round. Vo hard on these and you'll be adding to your ability to flush away and tollerate lactate.

After that we're immediately into a 400m race paced effort - at your fastest race pace possible. There is a long time allowed for this swim plus there's a recovery after, which should all get you ready for good speed split 250m swims. Do these at a good speed and they will help make you faster in races yet to come.


Videos from the Friday Sessions

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